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In order for us to give a somewhat accurate quote we would need to have as many of the questions below answered as possible.  Some items can make as much as $500 to $800 difference in the price.  When you have it all down call us @ 517-617-9354 and we'll do our best to get a quote to you as soon as possible. 

Thank You!


If moving from one location to another:

           Address where home is to be moved from:

If only need a set up price:

           Address where home is going to:

Make of home:


Single wide or Double wide


Roof pitch (3/12, 5/12, 7/12...) (3/12 is a standard pitch):

Type of Siding - (standard is vinyl):

Is there running gear:




What type of foundation is it on (piers, slab, crawlspace, basement):

What type of foundation is it going onto:

Is it skirted in or blocked in:

Are there any attachments such as antenna, awnings, decks, car ports... sizes of each

Does it have an outside central air unit:  If so you will need to have a licensed refrigerant come and reclaim the Freon before we come to tear down the home.

Is the home in a mobile home park or private sight and is it going into a mobile home park or a private site:

* NOTE:  Our prices do not include sight preparation such as excavating or foundation work.  We can do this depending on distance but our price does not include this unless you ask.

Our price includes any of the following: tearing the home down and installing running gear, plastic, transport, reset (putting two halves together if a double wide - retrim, carpet, roof and side of the marrage line), either blocking and leveling or setting home onto a basement or crawl.  This price does not include utilities, skirting, interior drywall, shed, garages, foundation work, etc. unless requested and depending on location.

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